Simon Dell Talks

simon_dellSimon has carried out talks for many years about the moors, Lundy island, mountain climbs and also his extensive knowledge of policing in the area. For further information and to find out how to book Simon, contact him on 07845 176870 or email him at For more information about Simon, click here.

Simon’s talks

Policing the peninsula
A slide show looking at the history of policing the westcountry.

Murders Devon
Old historical murders throughout the county of Devon.

Murders Cornwall
Old historical murders throughout the county of Cornwall.

Cornish Policing
The history of policing ‘One and All’ in Cornwall

Exeter City Police
The story of policing the city of Exeter

Barnstaple Borough Police
How policing arrived in Barnstaple and how it was subsumed into Devon in the 1920s

Victorian policing
The national picture of policing throughout the country and its development since Victorian times.

Crime and punishment
A talk aimed at schools looking at how policing started and the methods of crime and punishment through the ages.

Mutiny on the moor
The story of the 1932 Dartmoor Prison riot that destroyed much of the building.

Beat on Western Dartmoor
Policing in West Devon and Tavistock in particular

Policing archives for genealogists
A lecture on the use of Police historical archives for the research of family history.

PC Potter
The murder of Constable Potter in 1938 at Whimple in East Devon

Dartmoor prison
The story of Dartmoor Prison

A journey to Everest
An expedition to the highest place on earth from Nepal

Tibet and Everest
A journey across the Himalayas from Nepal to Tibet and to the north face of Everest.

Mont Blanc
A story of tragedy and triumph on the highest mountain in Europe

A virtual tour of this lovely island from your armchair, hopefully to inspire you to make a visit!

The wildlife of Lundy
A slide show of the wildlife of Lundy Island.

Lundy through time
A slide show looking at historical and archival photographs of Lundy Island based upon my best-selling book of that title.

Bodies on the moor
The stories of various deaths Dartmoor

Ten Tors
Fifty years of one of the greatest youth expeditions and challenges in the country

Lydford and the stannary laws
The awful story of the tin mining laws and the life of the Dartmoor tinners.

Dartmoor’s sett makers’ bankers
The story of the lesser known industrial mystery of the small benches on the hills of Dartmoor where street cobbles were manufactured.

The history of forensic science
From the Roman times to DNA, forensic sciene has been used to detect crime. This talk looks at the development of forensics in that hunt for the offender.

The life of Beatrice Chase
The authoress from Widecombe-in-the-Moor was a complicated character. This talk looks at who she was and the mystery surrounding her life.