Lundy Island through Time (Simon Dell)


Lundy Island lies far out in the Bristol Channel, between the coasts of North Devon and South Wales. Its position makes it a natural fortress, three and a half miles long and half a mile wide. Its very position has made it an attractive refuge since Bronze Age man inhabited this rocky but fertile outcrop, right through its often-tempestuous and piratical history up to the present day. Now owned by the National Trust for over forty years it is a haven for wildlife both above and beneath the waves; cared for and managed by the Landmark Trust and its employee residents. This book explores the island using photographs, many of which have never or rarely been published before, looking at the buildings, the land and the very life and soul of this popular destination for birdwatchers, holiday makers or those seeking quiet and solitude. It will be of great interest to those who have come to know and love this beautiful island haven.