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Covering 368 square miles, Dartmoor is a place of beauty, mystery and diverse ecology. As well as still being home to thousands of people, it also contains ancient remains of settlements reaching back to prehistoric times. With a national park as large as Dartmoor with so much to learn and enjoy, you may prefer, as many visitors do, to walk the moors in the company of a knowledgeable guide who can explain the moorland in as much detail as you want. Our expert guides run a vast range of activities all across the moors and beyond. Join us and find out why the only way to really discover the real Dartmoor is to join the Moorland Guides on one of our walks.

Upcoming Activities

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Fur Tor on Easter Sunday

Walk to Fur Tor from Postbridge via Sandy Hole Pass. A chance to visit this remote tor. This is a hard and long walk about 12 miles. Limited numbers due to Covid – only 3 places left so be quick.

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Springtime at Challacombe

Sheep are lambing, birds are nesting, everywhere nature is getting going. We take a walk round Challacombe Farm in the company of the farmer and at a pace that allows us to take it all in. Challacombe is a hill farm that breeds sheep and beef cattle to high welfare standards and encourages . . . biodiversity in its meadows, pasture and ponds. We see evidence of older farming methods in medieval strip lynchets and of livestock rearing stretching back to the Bronze Age. Group size is kept very small to comply with Covid regulations and to tailor the content of the day and the distance walked to the needs of each group. We finish by getting up close and personal with newborn lambs: be sure to bring your camera! You are welcome to stay on after 2.30; the pond is a great place to sit, for example, and there’s lots to explore including the ruins of a medieval village.
Further details available: please phone or email

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Navigation for Beginners One Day Course

This course covers the basics of map and compass use, enabling you to begin to navigate safely and plan a route. Complete beginners are welcome, as is anyone with some experience who wishes to consolidate their skills. The walk will be entirely outdoors, covering a route of around 6 miles, . . . learning and practising as we go.
We will be a small group and keep our distance from each other in accordance with government guidelines. If you develop Covid symptoms or need to self-isolate, we will offer you another date or a refund.
For further details contact the trainer, Geri Skeens.

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Explore a rain forest!

Yes, we have rainforests on Dartmoor! Temperate rainforest is a rare habitat, rich in biodiversity. We visit one of Dartmoor’s upland oakwoods, Black-a-Tor Copse, lesser known than Wistman’s Wood, more remote and just as charming.
You will learn what makes these places so special and fragile, and . . . consider some of the species they contain, from ferns that grow on tree branches to lichens and mosses that cover almost every surface. Each participant will receive a hand lens (new, packaged Covid-securely and yours to keep) – you’ll be amazed how much more you can see. You will learn the names of two or three species but the day is not so much about absorbing facts as appreciating this very special habitat.
The day involves walking approx. 5 miles, some of it on uneven ground, and a bit of clambering over boulders.
We will be a small group and keep our distance from each other as per government guidelines. If you develop Covid symptoms or need to self-isolate, we will offer you another date or a refund.

The next Dartmoor Walking Festival will be held from Saturday 24th August until Sunday 1st September 2019 inclusive which means that this will be the last bank holiday week of the summer. In 2019 we are teaming-up with the National Disabled Ramblers who have seen what 2018 successes were like. You can download the full programme below.

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