Landscape, walking, and art are my passions and I take great pleasure in creating opportunities to share them. I am a qualified Hill and Moorland Leader and an artist with an MA in Contemporary Fine Art. The sense of well-being and sheer joy of standing on top of a Dartmoor Tor, whether it is a pause on a fantastic walk or a stop for a quick sketch is hard to beat.

As a Moorland Guide and through my website I am available to lead a variety of walks for individuals, small groups, and families. Walks just for the pleasure of being on the moor with a guide who can add more layers to your experience, and walks where I can give you an opportunity to be on Dartmoor with an artist and storyteller, where you have an opportunity to draw, have fun, and see the moor in more detail.

I am a Devonian and after some years living in Scotland and near London, the moor and the coast drew me and my family home again and I am very lucky to have lived in Ashburton on the edge of Dartmoor for over 20 years. My father is a Dartmoor man and
he has passed his need to be up and out to me and, it looks like I may have managed to do the same with my children. I love this moor; it is part of who I am, and I am drawn to it constantly.

My areas of interest are the layers of human history, the legends and stories and the relationship we have with the landscape, and all this informs my art practice. I have run creative workshops for all ages and confidences and led walks and drawing experiences for small groups and events.

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