Our activities for students

We carry out walks for international school students visiting from abroad. You can book group activities using our online form below.
There are five activities available depending on where your international school is staying

  • Haytor – For groups from Exeter, Newton Abbot and Torbay (TQ13 9XS)
  • Postbridge – For groups from Exeter, Newton Abbot and Torbay (PL20 6TH)
  • Princetown – For groups from Plymouth and South Cornwall (PL20 6QF)Please note there is a £4/day coach parking charge at Princetown car park
  • Belstone – For groups from A30, Okehampton, Exeter and North Dartmoor (EX20 1RB)

The walks have been designed to include coach parking facilities. Guided walks are conducted in English but we will make efforts to find French and German speaking guides if absolutely essential.


1 Guide Up to 25 in a group £100 Half day/£180 Full day
1 Guide Up to 25 in a group £100 Half day/£180 Full day

Group Sizes

Individual groups are limited to 25 students maximum with a maximum of 5 teaching staff so in total 30 in the group includes the students AND teachers together.
The price is for the walk and so your teachers/ leaders are included in these maximum total numbers of 30. They must accompany the walk and will be responsible for the group’s behaviour and discipline. The group leader remains ‘in loco parentis’ throughout the walk. The guide hire fee must be paid before the walk takes place. We regret that no walks can be undertaken without being paid for in advance because of previous payments taking months to settle after the walk.

Booking Forms

Use this form to make a booking for an international school.

School email must be different to your email

Use this form to make a booking for a UK school.

School email must be different to your email
I confirm that the participants undertaking this activity all have a medical consent form signed for them by an appropriate person if they are under 16 or in person if over 18, and that they are medically fit to undertake this activity. Those declarations have been retained by either ourselves or the group and are available for inspection should any incident arise as a result of taking part in this activity. Please click on the icon to confirm before proceeding.

Additional Information

Parental Consent
Parental consent is an essential pre-requisite for any outdoor learning experience. A pre-condition of our service is that all schools/ organisations have obtained consent for all participants signed by their parent(s)/ guardian(s).

There is a cancellation charge of £20 once the walk has been booked but if you cancel with less than 5 working days notice the whole fee will be forfeited. cancellations must be made in writing to ensure a refund. Period of Service The service runs throughout the year subject to guide availability. Availability of guides cannot always be guaranteed. Groups should arrive 15 minutes before the start time of the walk. Failure to do so may result in the route being shortened or modified to keep within the period of hire.

Size of Group
Each group will be accompanied by one qualified Moorland guide for every 30 people which is 25 students plus 5 teachers. Teachers are now included in the group total of 30 with the ratio of one guide for every 30 people in that group which includes students AND staff./ children. In addition, the group must include one adult leader for every 12 children. Where more than one guide has been hired, it will be the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that groups are split into appropriate sizes and/or abilities prior to the start of the walk (on the advice of guides).

Clothing and Equipment
The ground is normally rough, wet and the vegetation prickly. The weather is more extreme than in other parts of Devon and can deteriorate rapidly and unexpectedly. Boots or wellingtons are strongly recommended as even sensible shoes are likely to get wet through. Children will need to take at least three layers of clothing, the top one of which should be waterproof. The teacher/group leader must ensure that every member of the group is properly equipped before arrival on Dartmoor. A spare set of dry clothing for each pupil will make the journey back to your accommodation much more comfortable.

Coach Driver and Motorhome Guide for Dartmoor 2018
The information in this guide provides useful information for coach and motor homes visiting Dartmoor.

Payment for walks
Please note that all walks must be paid for in advance of the event because of previous issues with late payments. No walk or event will take place unless advance payment has been received.