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11/06/2021 | Navigating on Open Moorland Moderate walk

This course is for anyone who has previously attended an introductory navigation course or knows the basics of map reading and can at least half-remember how to take a compass bearing. It will equip . . . you to plan your own moorland routes and to start navigating on open moorland, on what can often seem like rather featureless terrain.
We will plan together a route of 7-8 miles on open moorland, taking into consideration the weather, the conditions and the ability of our group. We will revise the basics of map reading and compass use and practise these repeatedly. You will learn to look more carefully at gentle changes in the height of the land and other subtle features that may be all you have to navigate by at times. By the end of the day, you should feel a degree of competence to navigate on this terrain and be aware of your limits and of what you need to work on.
We will be a small group and keep our distance from each other in accordance with government guidelines. If you develop Covid symptoms or need to self-isolate, we will offer you another date or a refund.
For further details contact the trainer, Geri Skeens.