2017 Walk listings (Front)

04/10/2020 | Fur Tor via Tavy Cleave Strenuous walk

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Exploring the middle of the north moor and visting Fur Tor. Route will be via the wonderful and tricky Tavy Cleave – a place unlikely anywhere on Dartmoor. Crossing a number of rivers including Rattlebrook and Amicombe Brook. After visting the Queen of the Moor, we shall come back via Watern Oak and Ger Tor.

10/10/2020 | Whitehorse Hill Bronze Age Cist Strenuous walk

Click here to view activity details Owing to demand, a repeat of this circular walk to the remote Bronze Age cist – a stone grave – recently excavated to reveal contents preserved in peat for millennia. This is a challenging walk made worthwhile by the remote peatland beauty of Whitehorse Hill, the prehistoric monuments we encounter en route and hopefully some stunning views across the north moor.
Do not come if you or your . . . household are showing any symptoms of Covid-19. Please bring a face mask, gloves and your own hand sanitiser in case of any accident or illness while on the walk. The guide reserves the right to make dynamic changes to the walk or decline to take anyone in the interests of the health and welfare of the group.