Walks with David are always both fun and informative. A former primary school head teacher he is an experienced provider of moorland walks and activities for children of all ages. He also takes great pleasure in helping adults, especially those new to Dartmoor, to understand their surroundings and engage with the natural environment.
For schools and for families he has developed the concept of ‘Playwalks’ which combine the pleasures of walking and learning about the natural and human history with extended opportunities for games and free play in wild areas.
Beyond his work with ‘moorland guides’ David runs Dartmoor residentials for a handful of schools takes class groups for ‘playwalks’ and curriculum-themed walks; and works as a freelance for Devon Discovery residential centres. His latest project involves using Dartmoor and its surrounds for the physical and mental health benefits it can offer to troubled children. You might also spot David singing in ‘The Lost Sound Chorus’, a Dartmoor based Folk Choir!

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