Dartmoor Books

The Moorland Guides bookshop sells a range of books written by our experienced moorland guides. Covering a range of themes from practical walking guides to geology and history, the law and local crafts, local towns and Dartmoor folk.

Have a browse and find out more about our beloved Dartmoor.

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Bicentenary of Dartmoor Prison (Simon Dell)
Dartmoor Wilderness Walks (Simon Dell)
Dartmoor’s Policeman Poet (Simon Dell)
Dartmoor’s Sett Makers’ Bankers (Simon Dell)
Lundy Island through Time (Simon Dell)
Mutiny on the Moor (Simon Dell)
Okehampton through Time (Paul Rendell)
Policing the Peninsula (SImon Dell)
Take Cover (Simon Dell)
Tavistock Canal Walks
Ten Tors – The Dartmoor Challenge (Simon Dell)
The Beat on Western Dartmoor (Simon Dell)
The Dartmoor Conchies
The Fair Arm of the Law
The Real Beatrice Chase – A Dartmoor Author
The Victorian Policeman (Simon Dell)
Walks on Lundy (Simon Dell)