Bird Voices – Learn song & language

Start Time
11:00 AM, 22/10/2017

End Time
4:00 PM, 22/10/2017
Emma Cunis
Start Location
Moretonhampstead Square (SX785839)
See map for start location.
Adults: £35
Children (U16): £20 older, engaged children/teenagers
Skill Level
Moderate walk Moderate
Dogs Permitted
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07817 329584

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Bird Voices – Learn song & language

Walk Overview

Which bird voice can teach you that a sparrowhawk is approaching? Unlock the secrets of the Dartmoor woodland, heath and wetlands by learning Bird Language, and the different voices of the birds.

Dartmoor is rich with native birds as well as Autumn migrants at this exciting time as flocks of Redwings and Thrushes arriving from Scandinavia descend to feast on the berries the native Mistle Thrushes jealously guards. In the background Robins are singing their melancholic autumnal song. Come join us to learn to read the language of nature through Bird Language which can deepen our awareness and understanding of what’s happening in the natural world, and strengthen our connection to the birds at this time of Autumn.

Join Dartmoor’s Daughter and Robin Bowman to tune into and experience different bird voices. The day will consist of an inspiring mix of bringing our different senses alive, a sit spot, and walking together to different parts of the woodland listening and identifying bird song.

An avid birdwatcher since the age of 6, Robin Bowman grew up walking, camping , swimming, and of course birding, in the wild places. For the past 15 years he has worked with a large variety of schools and organisations facilitating nature connection and wilderness awareness programmes. He currently runs the Hunger Games programme for teens through WildWise, and works with prisoners with the Write to Freedom charity. In his spare time he runs a smallholding with his young family on Dartmoor, and still loves birds so much he named his first child after one!

Bird Voices - Learn song & language

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