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Covering 368 square miles, Dartmoor is a place of beauty, mystery and diverse ecology. As well as still being home to thousands of people, it also contains ancient remains of settlements reaching back to prehistoric times. With a national park as large as Dartmoor with so much to learn and enjoy, you may prefer, as many visitors do, to walk the moors in the company of a knowledgeable guide who can explain the moorland in as much detail as you want. Our expert guides run a vast range of activities all across the moors and beyond. Join us and find out why the only way to really discover the real Dartmoor is to join the Moorland Guides on one of our walks.

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Upcoming Activities

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This is a lovely loop above first the Dart valley and then the Webburn valley, with a stretch alongside the Dart itself. Starting at Beltor Corner, we walk the length of Dr Blackall’s Drive above the Dart Valley and drop down past Leigh Tor to the River Dart at Spitchwick. We follow the river for . . . a while and then walk uphill through Great Wood and Lower Town to the lane which takes us past Leusdon church and the Green (this part is quite steep). We follow the lane to Ponsworthy, walking above the wooded Webburn valley, and turn uphill (again) past Splash Cottage and return to our start point across Sherberton Common.

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Tors around Bellever

Route: Arch Tor, Powder Mills, Bellever Tor, Little Bellever Tor, Laughter Tor, Bellever Dury and Lydgate. A chance tor bag as well walk your Christmas food off on this mainly moorland walk. About 10 miles, 5 hours. Please book before 6pm the night before.

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Sniffing the winter air!

Mustard Seed Walks will wrap up warmly and brave the heights from Natsworthy gate, visiting King’s Tor, Hookney Tor and Hameldown. We are looking forward to starting the year with clear crisp skies, perfect for taking photos of the superb views this walk will offer – I do hope the weather . . . forecasters are reading this!

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Tors around Lee Moor

Hawks Tor, Saddlebrough, Collard Tor, Blackaller, Crowhill Down, Torycombe Valley, Lee Moor Tramway and Wottor. About 8 miles. A chance to do some tor bagging. Please book by 6pm the night before. Starting from Beatland Corner, Wottor SX549 622, parking area below Hawk Tor.


Moorland Guides carry out walks for UK and international school students visiting from abroad. We have activities starting at Belstone, Haytor, Postbridge, and Princetown.
You can book any of our group activities using our online form.