Welcome to the Moors

Covering 368 square miles, Dartmoor is a place of beauty, mystery and diverse ecology. As well as still being home to thousands of people, it also contains ancient remains of settlements reaching back to prehistoric times. With a national park as large as Dartmoor with so much to learn and enjoy, you may prefer, as many visitors do, to walk the moors in the company of a knowledgeable guide who can explain the moorland in as much detail as you want. Our expert guides run a vast range of activities all across the moors and beyond. Join us and find out why the only way to really discover the real Dartmoor is to join the Moorland Guides on one of our walks.

28 August – 5 September 2021

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Upcoming Activities

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The Erme and Yealm Rivers

Route via New Waste, Downing House, The Dancers, Yealm Head, Stalldown and Hillson’s House.
Please book before 6pm the night before. If there is not walkers booked it will be cancelled.

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From the CP we will drop down over the bridge and past Dunnabridge Pounds towards Laughter Hole Farm.  Our first set of stepping stones are across the East Dart River. A pleasant stroll will take us through a farm and we will follow the river to Badger’s Holt.  Then through Huccaby and over . . . Hexworthy Bridge to Hexworthy.  A road towards Sherberton will take us to the next set of stepping stones before our last grand arc of stones take us across the West Dart River (see photo). 
Dogs – This may be a difficult walk for dogs, due to the stepping stones.  But all dogs MUST be on a short lead which must be attached to its owner.
IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE – If there has been a lot of rain in the lead up to this walk it will be rerouted – a walk over Bellever Tor and Bronze Age remains.

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Lich Way Walk

Take some cars to Bellever. From Bellever, Powder Mills, Longaford Tor, West Dart Rivewr, Lydford Tor, Baggator Gate, Coffin wood and Willsworthy. Please book by 4pm the day before.
There will be car sharing on this trip – Covid rules will be applied at all times. Bring face mask and hand gel.

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Navigation for Beginners

Details of activity: This course covers the basics of map and compass use, enabling you to begin to navigate safely and plan a route. Complete beginners are welcome, as is anyone with some experience who wishes to consolidate their skills. The walk will be entirely outdoors, covering a route of . . . around 6 miles, learning and practising as we go.
We will be a small group and keep our distance from each other in accordance with government guidelines. If you develop Covid symptoms or need to self-isolate, we will offer you another date or a refund.
For further details contact the trainer, Geri Skeens.