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Covering 368 square miles, Dartmoor is a place of beauty, mystery and diverse ecology. As well as still being home to thousands of people, it also contains ancient remains of settlements reaching back to prehistoric times. With a national park as large as Dartmoor with so much to learn and enjoy, you may prefer, as many visitors do, to walk the moors in the company of a knowledgeable guide who can explain the moorland in as much detail as you want. Our expert guides run a vast range of activities all across the moors and beyond. Join us and find out why the only way to really discover the real Dartmoor is to join the Moorland Guides on one of our walks.

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24th August – 1st September 2019

The next Dartmoor Walking Festival will be held from Saturday 24th August until Sunday 1st September 2019 inclusive which means that this will be the last bank holiday week of the summer. In 2019 we are teaming-up with the National Disabled Ramblers who have seen what 2018 successes were like. 

Upcoming Activities

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Bellever Letterbox Walk

Explore Bellever, learn about Dartmoor Letterboxes and visit a number of this walk. Bring some notepaper to take copies of the stamps. Free walk but donations to Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust. You must book.

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Introduction to Map-reading & Navigation FULLY BOOKED

THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY BOOKED AND NO MORE CAN BE FITTED ONTO THE DAY. The aim is to provide an introduction to the basic skills of map-reading and using a compass to aid navigation. We won’t be walking a long distance but will learn some of the techniques suitable for exploring the moor in safety. . . . Distance is about 5 miles over moderate terrain.

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Okehampton Battle Camp Visit

During the morning we will visit the Okehampton Battle Camp museum and look at artefacts of the military use of the Dartmoor during the First World War. Lt Col Tony Clark, previously Commandant of the Dartmoor Training Area, and the present Commandant , Lt Col Crispin d’Apice, will give an . . . explanation with illustrations of how troops trained and lived before deploying to the trenches.
Booking is essential.
Drive to the main gate of the camp and take with you some photo I.D like a Driving Licence to gain entry.NO I.D. NO Entry. NO exception. NO walk!
You will be directed to the parking on the parade ground by the security gate staff.

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To the top of Hen Tor

Through Trowlesworthy warren, and Willings Walls warren to Hen Tor from the top of which we can see for miles ! Car parking at Blackaton Cross is free. The walk is moderate and covers a distance of about 5 miles. Booking is required.

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Moorland Guides carry out walks for UK and international school students visiting from abroad. We have activities starting at Belstone, Haytor, Postbridge, and Princetown.
You can book any of our group activities using our online form.